Fruit Ninja 2

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9 Responses to “Fruit Ninja 2”

  1. fruit ninjaa fan says:

    thanks guys for this website..very nice games!

  2. thankss says:

    thanks for this game!!! fruit ninja is the best!!

  3. splash says:

    i love fruit ninja games!i made 1200 scores on iphone but here is a lil bit hard

  4. bernard says:

    i love fruit ninja gamesss!!

  5. rabiit says:

    Fruit Ninja made my day!thanks for it guys!

  6. morgan says:

    it says that i have clicked on a bomb when i have not im not going to play this gamer intill it s sorted .

  7. DJ hay says:

    Exactly where do you come up with this? Just saying that you are really imaginative. You should ask your readers for new topics.

  8. Lisa says:

    awsome website guys you are awsome

Game Info: Fruit Ninja 2

How to Play:

Fruit Ninja 2 - Cut and Slash the fruits !

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