Fruit Ninja Slasher

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8 Responses to “Fruit Ninja Slasher”

  1. Aayush says:

    I am happy with fruit ninja

  2. juju says:

    time bohot lagata hai’bakwas!

  3. abdullah says:

    this is my favourite game =D

  4. gouj says:

    hi.thnaks for your game.can i dwd this fruit nina version ?thanks

  5. edward says:

    i have fellings for this game i love this game

Game Info: Fruit Ninja Slasher

How to Play:

Fruit Ninja Slasher - In Classic and Arcade mode, special pomegranates are occasionally thrown on screen. In Arcade Mode, it is guaranteed that at the end of each game that a pomegranate will appear. Players can slice these multiple times to get extra points. Similarly, an ultra rare pitaya sometimes appears in Classic and Arcade modes which, if sliced, awards players fifty points.

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